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Rachelle, being close to both of us, knew of this particular extra
curicular activity. And often stopped by to admire the flowering
plants beauty.

Soon we were settling back, mellow, discussing school, events etc.

When the subject of her electronics class came up, she went into
the living room to gather her most recent lab report. Her pup,
a German shepard, came bounding in to say hello. And was on the
bed in my lap before I knew it.

Rachelle pushed him off me, after I stopped tussling with his
head, scolding him though you could tell from her voice she wasn’t
really angry with him. When Chelle got angry, everyone knew right
away. Resting with her back against a pile of pillows, she placed
her toys next to my upper thigh, wiggling them.

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I had to chuckle. I suggested to Rachelle that we return the
room to them, after all it was their’s. Apoligizing to Nizar on
the way out, he slapped me on the back, and warned me that Chuck
was in my room. Which posed two problems, one of which I had to
solve in order to get Rachelle home. After knocking on the door
several times, Chuck rumaged through my closet and gave me her
coat and mine. And I set out to escort her home, having started
to sober up.

As we were walking, we talked. She had just met “the crew” and
was full of questions. Seeking short cuts, I led her along the
mill creek, at one point reaching out to take her hand. Areas
of darkness alternated with places where the moonlight dappled
the ground.

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As the bouncers were getting the other people out of the bar the stag-ett party
had been cut in half and only four of the females remained. Most of the staff
had left, this left one of the bouncers and myself to tend to the females,
which included the soon-to-be-married mistress. The bouncer is a good [...]

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Ebony Chick Sensual Diary

Dear Diary: hah! Haven’t kept one in ages. But I have my own directory
with a password, so I’ll keep you here. Have to talk to someone, and people
just can’t be trusted.
I noticed him the first day he came to work, but it seemed hopeless
from the start. For [...]

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Ebony Confessions Story

Archive-name: Affairs/ebony01.txt
Archive-title: Ebony Confessions Vol. 1
Also-archived: Series/ebony01.txt
“The Black Experience.”
I recently had sex with someone other than my husband for
the first time. What bothers me is that it was [...]

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We were hunting for some cheap black pussy to pound when we happened upon lovely Strokahantas shopping for some moccasins. While this nubian beauty might be devious, she aint gonna be selling out her tribe for no white man! Cum watch as the big pimp invades her uncharted territories, and see Strokahantas get the poking she deserves!

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